Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update Your Image --- FREE!

This is a special post as I want to announce and promote Macy’s By Appointment Personal Shopping Service.  How many of you know about this service?  I’ve been shopping at Macy’s for years but it was only yesterday that I found out about it.  

I was in the middle of going through my mail and I received a catalog from Macy’s and at the very back cover, they had this tiny blurb about it.  This Macy’s By Appointment is their FREE shopping service.  It’s really simple and it’s not only for females but also applies to males as well.  Basically, all you need to do is allow Macy’s personal shoppers show you how this season’s hottest looks can work for you and/or help you get to that “look” that you’re going for.  Here in Vegas, this service is available at Macy’s at the Fashion Show Mall.

So, after I read that tiny blurb in tiny font, I decided to call to check it out.  I made my appointment and met with Arlene at the Fashion Show Mall at 11 this morning.  She helped me pick some great pieces that worked well with my body type, height, etc.  I’m very happy and pleased with this service.  Arlene did a great job.  I just wish that they advertise it more.  Seeing the sign, “Macy’s By Appointment” at the store doesn’t quite give it away.  In fact, it can be somewhat intimidating like as if it’s only for affluent people who have no time to shop.  I’m sure if more people knew about this service, more people can actually benefit from it especially now.  It would be great for job seekers who want/need to improve how they present themselves in a dress or suit or separates enhancing their appearance and overall image to boost confidence and increase personal power.

When I went, I was ready to try something new, something a bit different.  My mind was set with a thought of, “OUT with the old and IN with the new!”  My updates are more along the lines of business casual — separates that can be easily interchanged with other pieces to get a different “look”.  Some of them still have the conservative/classic look but coupled with a nice shell or a nice blouse, gives it that umph factor, losing the “boring, same-o, same-o” style.  It’s time to have that new character come out!  Not only does an updated look make you look better but also, feel better as it greatly helps boost confidence.  

Considering that there are a lot of us in search for a new job, attending networking events, mixers, etc., this is a perfect reason to make an appointment and meet with one of Macy’s personal shopper.  You’ll end up with a new and updated image.  I guarantee it!  How you present yourself is very important as it can certainly help maximize visual first impression in an interview or important meeting to project an overall image of confidence and success.  Your image communicates a message without you having to say a word.  Remember, we only get one “first impression”.  So, make it matter…  make it positive…  make it last.    

I love Macy’s and enjoy the rewards.  You get quality pieces at reasonable price especially if you have star REWARDS.  Macy’s is a great place to shop.  They have great products and great service.  When I’m feeling blue and nowhere to be found, try Macy’s.  You’ll find me there.  :)  Retail therapy certainly helps get that “feel good” feeling.  With how things are going these days, we can all use some “feel good” experience.

For those of you who live in Vegas and are interested, feel free to contact Arlene at Macy’s West (Fashion Show Mall).  The number is 702.731.5111 ext. 4444.  Arlene will help you find and enjoy the new YOU!