Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spreading the Word...

Spread the word.  Get involved.  You just might end up helping someone in need and meet new friends.  :)

If you live in SoCal or considering relocating to SoCal:

  • Job Search Workshop Oceanside Public Library April 4th10-12n call (760) 435-5586 for seats.  Host:  Robert Patterson, author of Five Steps to C.A.L.M.
  • Join OCJobTalk.  Helping Job Hunters Become Job Finders in Orange County. Need a job? Looking to hire? Want to make a referral? Need to vent? Do it at OCJobTalk.

Or if you live anywhere else…

  • Join JobAngels.  A grassroots movement to help get people back to work, one person at a time.  You can also join the JobAngels group on LinkedIn.  
  • “Who’s Hiring” Spreadsheet.  Check it out!  This great little spreadsheet published and updated via google docs posted by Rafe Needleman over on  Thanks to Justin-Moore-Brown of OCJobTalk!
  • To those collecting unemployment needing unemployment extension.  Updates here